What would happen if you discovered what really happened to the world’s most famous missing rock star? In 1964 Ricky Steven son had it all. He was riding the top of the charts, he had fame, fortune, and more, but then one day he vanished. Thirty years later the truth is discovered by an ordinary teen. Where had Ricky been and why? All will be revealed if you read Rock’n’Roll  in Locker Seventeen. Just please don’t reveal all the twists.

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In 1964 Ricky Stevenson was living the dream. He was on the top of the charts, and on the cover of almost every fan magazine. What those publications didn’t tell you was that he had no privacy, few real friends, and a hectic schedule of touring and recording. Though tempted to lose himself in a haze of drugs and alcohol, Ricky knew it would only be a temporary escape. What Ricky wanted was to be rid of the pressures of fame for good, so one day he simply disappeared.

Thirty years later people were still speculating about the fate of Ricky Stevenson, especially Ricky’s biggest fan, Steven White. Seventeen year old Steven is anything but your typical high school junior. While the rest of his classmates are perfectly happy spending all their time and money at the local mall, Steven spends his days combing the aisles of local thrift stores, and listening to oldies.

Steven first became fascinated by the missing musician one fateful day in eighth grade when a classmate had pointed out his uncanny resemblance to Ricky. Soon afterward, Steven becomes an avid fan. He watches every Ricky Stevenson documentary, buys every book or magazine about the star and relentlessly searches for original copies of Ricky’s records. Steven even tries to dress like Ricky because he figures looking like a teen idol could be the fastest route to attracting the prettiest girl in his English class.

Rock’N’Roll in Locker Seventeen is a novel about what happens to Steven when he discovers what really happened to the missing star. As the media invades Steven’s city and his family visits Los Angeles, Steven goes from your typical star struck 17 year old to a young man who realizes that sometimes all you really need is the life you already have.


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Rock'n'Roll in Locker Seventeen is a novel that has it all: mystery, intrigue, humor, great characters, a flaming skull lunchbox, plenty of plot twists, a really nice classic Corvette, and one very famous Rock and Roll star who disappeared in the 1960s. Where is Ricky Stevenson today? Only one book reveals the shocking answer!

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